How To Prevent Western Conifer Bugs

The Western Conifer Seed bug isn’t much of a threat, but they are an unwelcome guest that start to arrive during the fall and stay until mid spring. They are frequently falsely identified as kissing bugs, but feel free to handle these bugs as much as you’d like as they do not bite. Prevention is the key for dealing with this bug as once they are in your house there is no trap that will attract them. If your house is fully infested you will have to use insect foggers.

Prevention Tactics

  • Keep all hedges and bushes (especially conifers/evergreens) trimmed that surround the house as they nest in dense foliage
  • Seal all cracks on your homes exterior and keep windows screened or shut
  • Remove piles of yard waste and lawn debris
  • Spraying around your home/introducing diatomaceous earth around the base of your home

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