Peak Color In Ohio

Ohio’s seasons can be polar opposites from one day to another, but in early fall you can expect to experience some of the best, most temperate weather the state has to offer. With this change of seasons we get to experience the most breathtaking natural occurrence in the northern U.S.

Peak color in Ohio usually occurs around the third week in October. Once peak color occurs it typically lasts only 3-7 days before the leaves start to fade and fall off. Here is the foliage map for our state as of 10/9/22:

These color representations translate to the actual levels of colors in the noted area with red being the climax of the color scale.

Some of the best locations you can check out in our state are:

Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Akron, Ohio)

Mohican State Park (Loudonville, Ohio)

Hocking Hills State Park (Hocking Hills, Ohio)

All these places are standard go-tos for me and my girlfriend during the fall. Sometimes it’s not a horrible idea to just hop in the car when you have a free day, and take a drive around the rural areas near you regardless of what the foliage calendar says. Some of the best views I have found have been accidental on my drive home from work, or on the way to family get together. If you’re looking to stay close to home, the cornfield with a tree line behind it can be just as beautiful as any waterfall backdrop you might find in a national park.

In any case, don’t wait too long if you’re looking to view the colors this year. Time gets away from you quickly when you only have one week to see the climax of fall colors!

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  1. Nice! I love to track when the leaves will reach their peak color. Thank you for sharing this helpful and insightful post.

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