Stone Installation In Chippewa Lake Ohio

Chippewa Lake landscaping rock installation
Landscaping Chippewa Lake, Ohio 44215

Location: Chippewa Lake, Ohio 44215

Service: This client wanted to change the look of their flowerbeds drastically by removing all the mulch and installing Aztec stone. We first started removing all the old mulch and weeds from the flowerbeds. Once removed we then installed landscaping fabric to keep the stone from sinking and help with weed control. After all the fabric was placed we then installed Aztec stone throughout all the flowerbeds.

This photo was taken before we washed the stone off to show all of its colors! If you would like to see what it look like after we cleaned it click here!

This stone and others like it are becoming increasingly popular around Medina County as homeowners look for a way to change the appearance of their house in drastic ways. We think the stone looks great and definitely becomes a talking piece when people visit!

If you need help with your next mulch or stone installation reach out, Cleaner Grounds LLC is here to help all across Medina County.

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