Hedge trimming, flower bed maintenance including weeding flowerbeds, spring cleanups, fall cleanups, ornamental grass trimming, ornamental tree pruning, tree removal, bush removals. These are just some of the services we offer through or landscaping division. If you have a specific project in mind reach out, we would love to work with you! On top of the services above we also have the necessary tools to come cut up and remove fallen trees after storms (or whenever that headache may arise). Start your free quote below!

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What is included in a spring or fall clean up?

Typically clean ups include trimming plants, removing weeds & debris, and installing fresh mulch. Spring and fall clean ups can be tailored to fit the needs of any property though and may include an array of other services.

Can you put down mulch in the fall?

Yes! As long as its not snowing, mulch can be installed any time of the year. We have a number of clients that get both spring and fall mulch to ensure their property looks great for fall and winter activities like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although most (us included) enjoy having a snow covered Christmas, Ohio doesn’t always cooperate with that!

Can you trim trees in the winter?

Absolutely! For the most part winter is a great time to trim ornamental trees. A general rule to follow when cutting trees is to remove crossing branches to help ensure wind can freely pass through without causing limbs to rub on each other.