Mulch Installation


Mulch Installation:

    Mulch can be just the facelift your flowerbeds need to change the entire look of your home. Whether you are selling your home or want it to look good for your own enjoyment. Curb appeal matters, and mulch can make a huge difference. We spread a double ground bark mulch offered in black or brown roughly two inches thick throughout all your flowerbeds. The bark mulch looks amazing and will naturally break down into the soil. Traditional hardwood mulch requires removal after multiple applications as it breaks down very slowly and can suffocate your plants. Have you ever seen a flowerbed and thought “Wow, that mulch looks fluffy and different from other houses”? More than likely, they had bark mulch in their flower beds. When it comes to installing fresh mulch, think Cleaner Grounds and take back your weekend! Additionally, we offer weeding of flowerbeds (bed cleanups) and edging flowerbeds prior to applying mulch to get the beds back in great shape!

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Is bark mulch or hardwood mulch better?

We prefer bark mulch because it breaks down more rapidly which adds nutrients to the soil. Overtime hardwood mulch will need to be removed from flowerbeds because it will get to deep.

How deep should mulch be installed?

Mulch should be installed at approximately 2-3 deep in the open areas of a flowerbed. Near plants, including trees, it should be much thinner because mulch traps moisture which could cause decay to the plants they come in contact with. As we get near plants we begin to taper down the mulch in a manor that still looks great but doesn’t come in to much contact with the plant.

How do I schedule a mulch installation?

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