Lawn Care


Lawn Care:

    Mowing, lawn care, property maintenance, lawn maintenance whatever you want to call it, it’s no one’s favorite Sunday afternoon activity. Cleaner Grounds takes the mowing, weed whacking, and edging off your plate so you can get back to the activities you want to do! We love the work, and we take great pride in looking over a freshly mowed lawn. On top of the mowing the next least favorite weekend task is cleaning up after the dog. Rather than worry about cleaning the lawn before we come let us do it for you! We offer dog waste removal services and weekly flowerbed weeding programs as well. To sum it all up we offer:

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Weekly weed whacking
  • Biweekly edging of driveway and sidewalks

Additional services

  • Weekly pet waste cleanup and removal 
  • Weekly flower bed weeding services

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Currently we offer weekly lawn maintenance in the following areas throughout Medina: Montville Township, Lafayette Township, Chippewa Lake and some of Medina City.

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We proudly serve all Medina including Brunswick, Lafayette, Sharon Center, Montville, Seville, Chippewa Lake, and anywhere else within the county when it comes to Landscaping and mulch installations. Currently mowing is offered only in select neighborhoods. Don’t see your neighborhood listed for mowing? Reach out we may have recently expanded to your area!


How tall should my grass be cut?

We prefer to cut grass around 3-3.5 inches throughout most of the season. During peak heat times of the season (normally around August) we will either raise the decks slightly or skip a week of mowing to avoid damaging the turf.

Do you offer bi-weekly mowing?

Currently we only offer weekly mowing because the vast majority or Northeast Ohio needs their grass cut weekly throughout most of the mowing season. Biweekly cutting when the grass is growing causes clumping in the yard, is much harder on equipment, and reduces the appearance of the property.

How long should I wait to mow freshly planted grass?

With daily watering new grass should reach a mowing height within a couple weeks. Typically we like to wait for it to reach 3-4 inches tall and then wait one extra week before we start cutting it. Waiting allows time for the roots to continue growing deeper into the ground, and gives some extra time for the area to get more dense.

Can my grass get cut after it is overseeded?

We prefer to give the new seeds at least a week to take root before the grass gets cut. For our lawn maintenance clients that receive over seeding services we will cut the grass and then over seed the lawn within a day, ensuring there will be around a week before the next scheduled service.

How do I get rid of grass clumps in my yard?

In the spring time, grass clumping can be a real headache. Double or triple cutting the yard is typically the best way to help disperse the clumps but it takes a lot of extra time. Make sure you change your mowing directions after every cut as well to not only help disperse the grass but also to keep from rutting the yard.